FM Radio with GNU Radio

This FM Radio project works with NooElec Hardware (NESDRMini2).

FM Radio project source:


Trolltech releases Qt under the GPL v3 license

Trolltech releases Qt under the GPL v3 license.

More companies and communities are releasing sofware under GPL v3.

Mysql ^ SUN => PostgreSQL.

What went wrong with mysql?  Grievance ..

Mysql missed the IPO and the independent future of the mysql. Most of the mysql customers are on LAMP stack and they like the way mysql is developed. Now mysql with SUN and under SUN’s marketing agenda. Will SUN allow the free flow of the mysql? NO…

SUN wants to promote their OS and the hardware with the SUN software using Mysql. After this acquisition LAMP developers will choose the Postgress over mysql.

Who wants something with string attached.

Richard Stallman ( RMS ) is in Sri Lanka.

Richard Stallman ( RMS ) is in Sri Lanka. He is doing two public speeches at SLIIT and University of Peradeniya.

RMS in Sri Lanka.

Get FSF memebership and help free software.

Get FSF memebership and help to support,promote and develop free software.

I got the FSF membership. FSF Membership

ApacheCon Asia

ApacheCon ASIA held in Colombo – Sri Lanka from 14-17 August 2006. It was a glamorous event. Several top ASF people were there including Sanjiva and Ken.

Conference was a full of events like talks,hackerthon,BOF, Linghting Lottory talks and geek out.

Geek out was new kind of even that can all the geeks can get together and talk none technical topics …

We did white water rafting and geo caching in the geekout.

This is the first time ASF did this even with LFS and LKLUG and TLC. I hope next year event will be a bigger and even more glamorous even.

Good work geeks … keep it up.


Software patent…..!!! We don’t need it..

I ‘ve read many articles about Software patent and it’s dark side. Very recently I came across this link and downloaded all the videos.

RMS is explaining software patenting issue and how we should face this thret in those videos.

No country is going to gain any thing with this software patenting. It is a mess .. 😦 and it is not practical. Do we have time to search all the patent affecting to our software product .. no. The question is how to build the software not what patents apply to the software.