Column ( Family Data ) Store Service in WSO2 StratosLive

StratosLive PaaS supports several internal data stores like column ( family data ) store service , relational data store service and external data sources like Amazon DS and Amazon S3. Also users can use external data sources via Web Services.

WSO2 introduces CSS in the StratosLive PaaS to support webscale data generated by users deployed applications and the PaaS itself.

WSO2 Stratos CSS is based on Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is modified to run in WSO2 Carbon platform which is an OSGI environment. Stratos CSS 1.0.0 is shipped with Stratos 1.5.1. Users can install it with WSO2 private cloud deployments. CSS related features can be deploy with any carbon standalone product and get full features.

StratosLive has separate CSS cluster deployed to store tenant keyspaces. StrtosLive Data Service Server ( DSS ) contains the user interfaces to manage keyspaces.

CSS is a multi-tenanted and it works with users in private Stratos deployments.

WSO2 CSS 1.0.0 features.

1. Manage (create / delete / modify ) keyspaces

2. Share Keyspaces with in users

3. Create Indexes

4. Monitor Keyspace

WSO2 CSS has easy user interface to manage keyspaces and users can use CSS to manage external keyspaces. Users can use WSO2 CSS as a Cassandra management user interface.

  • List Keyspaces













  • List Keyspace information













  • Create a Keyspace for a tenant













  • Create Column Family













  • Create Column and Set Indexes













  • Share Keyspace













WSO2 Stratos PaaS Column ( Family ) data support will improve with the CSS based data services and CQL support in next CSS releases.