How to fix Arduino porgram upload issues with Ubuntu

When you upload the program to Arduino UNO board you may get an error saying

Serial port ‘/dev/ttyACM0’ not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?

This error occurs when user do not have write privileges to device /dev/ttyACM0. User can fix this issue by giving enough rights to user or simply give all writes to the device. ( chmod  777 /dev/ttyACM0 [this is a hack ;)])


Howto setup Xen 4.1 with Ubuntu 11.10 and run a VM (domU)

Ubuntu 11.10  released with the Linux 3.0.0. Now Linux  has the Xen dom0 support.

setup steps:

1. Install Xen hypervisor

apt-get install xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64

2. create a domU configuration. ( node0.cfg )

disk = [ 'file:/mnt/vm/xen/vm_images/node0.iso,hda,w',
'file:/media/mnt/vm/xen/iso_files/oneiric-desktop-i386.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]

memory=1024 vcpus=1 name="node0"
vif=[ 'type=ioemu,bridge=virbr0' ]
builder = "hvm"
device_model = "/usr/lib/xen-4.1/bin/qemu-dm"
vnc=1 vncunused=1
serial = "pty" # enable serial console
on_reboot = 'restart'
on_crash = 'restart'

3. Start the domain

xm create /pathto/node0.cfg

In the first boot vm boots from cdrom and user can install new OS to vm.
by changing the boot order to boot=”c” user can boot from the hard disk.

4. List running domains.

xm list

Ubuntu 11.10 still need some path fixes to run user domains /vms ( domU ).
You may get an error in your /var/log/qemu-dm-node0.log saying :

Could not read keymap file: ‘/usr/share/qemu/keymaps/en-us’
create symbolic link named qemu-linaro in /usr/share with the name qemu.

For bridge networks default bridge may not include your default NIC.
If your vms ( domUs ) can not communicate with out side networks add
NIC to bridge.

brctl addif virbr0 eth0

Howto configure PRLINK PHS300 HSUPA modem on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Edit Network connections and create Mobile Broadband connection with correct details.

Find the model and the vendor of the modem

#lsusb -v | less  and find for PROLINK.

You will find vendor : idVendor 0x1e0e

and model : idProduct 0x9100

# rmmod usbserial

#modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1e0e product=0x9100

You can load the module in the boot by adding

usbserial vendor=0x1e0e product=0x9100

line to the /etc/modules

How to install latest kernel ( 2.6.3x) in Centos 5.3 or 5.4

In the kernel configuration set


This resolve sysfs compatibility issues with old systems.

steps :

make menuconfig

search the CONFIG string and get the config location.


How to Install xen-3.4 with latest kernel ( )

Download the Latest Linux kernel


Download the latest xen patch set

# wget

Apply the patch set

Build and install the kernel

Download the latest Xen source

# hg clone

Build and install  Xen resources

# make install-xen
# make install-tools
# make install-stubdom

More xen building stuff

How to Build Xen Source

1. install mercurial

apt-get isntall mercurial

2. get a local copy of the xen source.

hg clone

3. read the README file to select the build type.

4. build

make world.

5. install xen

make install

6. create initrd image

depmod  2.6.18-xx-xen

mkinitramfs -o initrd-2.6.18-xx-xen.img 2.6.18-xen

7. edit grub  configuration.

8. reboot in to xen kernel

Howto to Share mouse and keyboard with Synergy

1. Install synergy  : apt-get install synergy

2. Server configuration : synergy.conf section:


halfDuplexCapsLock = true
halfDuplexNumLock = true

section: links


3. run synergy server :

synergys -f –config /etc/synergy/synergy.conf

4. run client on the second machine:

synergyc  –name server1   < Server IP >

5. Now move your mouse to left. You will see the mouse in your second screen.