WSO2 Carbon 4 Released.


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How to build WSO2 Carbon 4.0.0 from source

First user has to build orbit related to Carbon 4.0.0.

Take a checkout from WSO2 carbon orbit 4.0.0 tag

svn co

build useing maven3

mvn clean install

Now user can build the Carbon Kernel.

Take a check out from Carbon Kernel 4.0.0 tag.

svn co

Now build using maven3.

mvn clean install

Application Development with WSO2 Relational Storage Service ( WSO2 RSS )

WSO2 Relational Storage Service is a data storage service provided by WSO2 Stratoslive PaaS. WSO2 RSS supports MySQL and Amazon RDS as the back end data store.

Creating data bases with WSO2 RSS is a simple task. StratosLive Data Server has the easy RSS user interface that helps to add / manage databases.

Steps to create database using WSO2 RSS.

1.  Add Database.

2. Create Database User and add user to a database privileged group.

3. Create tables / mange data using  WSO2 RSS DB console.

RSS based data stores are accessible with in StratosLive PaaS.

Users can use Java application development methods to access RSS Data stores.

WSO2ConRSS application is a webapp deployed in StratosLive Application servers and it uses a RSS based data store to retrieve data. Source code related this sample available in OT svn.

How to use StratosLive Column ( Family Data ) Store Service.

WSO2 CSS is Column ( Family Data ) Store based on Apache Cassandra . WSO2 CSS  can deploy with any WSO2 Carbon based product and it is available as a service in StratosLive  the PaaS offering of WSO2.

It is very easy to use CSS as a data store with widely available connectors like java based Hector and other thrift based connectors. StratosLive supports Hector API to communicate with the Cassanda based back-end CSS cluster. External applications can use StratosLive PaaS column data store feature with any Cassandra connector.

StratosLive app developers have to use tenant information to authenticate in the connection with CSS data store. Tenant admin can create tenant and authorize the user for data store access.

Check the full sample in OT SVN.

This sample create connection to StratosLive CSS as an external application. It writes random data to StratosLive CSS keyspace and read and output date via stdout.

Instructions to build and run the sample.

Build the project with Maven

Take a copy of the source using svn

mvn clean install

Build the project with dependency libraries

mvn clean assembly:assembly -o

Execute the program

java -jar target/org.wso2.carbon.cassandra.examples-3.2.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Column ( Family Data ) Store Service in WSO2 StratosLive

StratosLive PaaS supports several internal data stores like column ( family data ) store service , relational data store service and external data sources like Amazon DS and Amazon S3. Also users can use external data sources via Web Services.

WSO2 introduces CSS in the StratosLive PaaS to support webscale data generated by users deployed applications and the PaaS itself.

WSO2 Stratos CSS is based on Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is modified to run in WSO2 Carbon platform which is an OSGI environment. Stratos CSS 1.0.0 is shipped with Stratos 1.5.1. Users can install it with WSO2 private cloud deployments. CSS related features can be deploy with any carbon standalone product and get full features.

StratosLive has separate CSS cluster deployed to store tenant keyspaces. StrtosLive Data Service Server ( DSS ) contains the user interfaces to manage keyspaces.

CSS is a multi-tenanted and it works with users in private Stratos deployments.

WSO2 CSS 1.0.0 features.

1. Manage (create / delete / modify ) keyspaces

2. Share Keyspaces with in users

3. Create Indexes

4. Monitor Keyspace

WSO2 CSS has easy user interface to manage keyspaces and users can use CSS to manage external keyspaces. Users can use WSO2 CSS as a Cassandra management user interface.

  • List Keyspaces













  • List Keyspace information













  • Create a Keyspace for a tenant













  • Create Column Family













  • Create Column and Set Indexes













  • Share Keyspace













WSO2 Stratos PaaS Column ( Family ) data support will improve with the CSS based data services and CQL support in next CSS releases.

Middleware on-demand

WSO2 StratosLive is an Open PaaS enables developers to instantly provision and pay for just the middleware services they use.

Enterprises can use the WSO2 StratosLive PaaS to host business process flows between business partners as well as implement cloud-based services that access internal systems.

How to install / uninstall OSGI bundles in WSO2 Carbon.

Download and extract WSO2 Carbon []

wso2carbon-core-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT/bin$ ./ -DosgiConsole

Check the Bundle status

osgi> ss

Framework is launched.

id    State       Bundle
0    ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi_3.5.0.v20090520
Fragments=1, 2, 3
1    RESOLVED    geronimo-jta_1.1_spec_1.1.0.wso2v1

Install Bundle

osgi> install file:/<file path>/<file name>

Bundle id is 134

133    ACTIVE      xmlbeans_2.3.0.wso2v1
134    INSTALLED   org.wso2.carbon.hdfs_0.1.0.SNAPSHOT

Check status of the Bundle


135    INSTALLED   hadoop-core_0.20.2.wso2v1

Start Bundle
osgi> start 135

135    ACTIVE      hadoop-core_0.20.2.wso2v1

Stop Bundle

osgi> stop 135

osgi> ss

135    RESOLVED    hadoop-core_0.20.2.wso2v1