Trolltech releases Qt under the GPL v3 license

Trolltech releases Qt under the GPL v3 license.

More companies and communities are releasing sofware under GPL v3.


Mysql ^ SUN => PostgreSQL.

What went wrong with mysql?  Grievance ..

Mysql missed the IPO and the independent future of the mysql. Most of the mysql customers are on LAMP stack and they like the way mysql is developed. Now mysql with SUN and under SUN’s marketing agenda. Will SUN allow the free flow of the mysql? NO…

SUN wants to promote their OS and the hardware with the SUN software using Mysql. After this acquisition LAMP developers will choose the Postgress over mysql.

Who wants something with string attached.

Richard Stallman ( RMS ) is in Sri Lanka.

Richard Stallman ( RMS ) is in Sri Lanka. He is doing two public speeches at SLIIT and University of Peradeniya.

RMS in Sri Lanka.

Get FSF memebership and help free software.

Get FSF memebership and help to support,promote and develop free software.

I got the FSF membership. FSF Membership

Next Big Thing : Wikia Search

Wikia Search is going to be the next big thing in the Internet. Now it is time to escape form the Goolge glue. Wikia Search enables the community input for proper Web indexing also it gives the freedom to use other indexes. One company or one search algorithm can not give the most optimum search out put for a search. Each search has it’s own search context therefore people need a place to find the proper web index for there searches. Finally Wikia Search gave the Freedom of Web search to the World.

There is no algorithm better than human feed back to optimize Web indexes.