Dell Ships Linux

This is a ground breaking news. 2007 is going to be the year of Desktop Linux. It is a brave step toward the free world.

Ubuntu Linux and Dell make the perfect Desktop.

Thank you Dell.


-Ubuntu 7.04 –


My IBM T42 really needed a refresh. I used Ubuntu 6.04 for one year and my folder arrangement went out of control. It is time to reinstall the system.

I got a copy of new Ubuntu form my friend and started to reinstall the system. An unlucky day, the CD is copy of a beta version of Ubuntu 7.04 but I made my mind and proceed.

Beta version had some bug in the partitioning tool. Gparted could not do series of action at once because after creating a partition it auto mounted the the windows partition and it gave me a access violation. After several attempt I manged to partition the hard disk the way I want and started to install. Installation went smooth and

completed under 20 minutes ( if my memory correct ). Installation process did not gave me any WOWs but I like it’s speed.


First boot was faster than my older Ubuntu installation. As my first task I went to to find out new APT source list. After changing the source lists, I had to download number of binaries to upgrade the system to real Ubuntu 7.04. There is a new tool call Automatix to install all the codecs and other missing software in the base CD. Aftere several hours I could bring my system up and running with all the required softwares. Automatix made my life easy.

There are new improvements in the Ubuntu 7.04. Openoffice package is lot more faster than older version. SPE the new python IDE will make my life easy.

compiz the composite window manager can be enabled useing System – >preferences – > Desktop Effects. Compiz enabled the bumpy effects and the cube work space. There is no hazzesl to enable the compiz.